Self-service black and white copiers are located throughout Firestone and in every branch library. The copiers are maintained by the OIT Copier Center and operate with PAW  points on University I.D. cards or generic photocopy cards. You can add PAW points to your Princeton University ID card at the TigerCard Online Card Office. Prepaid generic cards are available from the Value-Transfer Station in the Frist Campus Center or from the OIT Copier Center web site. Coins or credit cards can also be used for payment at some public photocopy machines.

There are two color photocopiers; one is available on B Floor of Firestone and the other in the Frist Campus Center next to the ATM machines. The Digital Map and Geospatical Information Center in Fine Hall has a large-format scanner and plotter that can be used to reproduce large-format color images.

Complete list of all copier locations and acceptable payment methods